Career Trial for Jobseekers
Jobseekers can gain experience through a short-term trial to be assessed for employment

Career Trial is part of the suite of career services offered by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Employment and Employability Institute (NTUC’s e2i).

Career Trial aims to encourage jobseekers and host companies who are unsure about the job fit to go through a short-term trial before considering formal employment. It is targeted at full-time jobs paying at least $1,500/month and part-time jobs paying at least $750/month.


For more information, download the Career Trial factsheet and FAQ here, and the Reference guide for application and claim submission here.

Eligible jobseekers can also benefit from the following incentives:

Funding Component Funding for Jobseekers
Training Allowance for Individuals $7.50 – $15/hour

Full-time positions: Up to 480 hours

Part-time positions: Up to 240 hours (capped at 80 hours/month)
Retention Incentive for Individuals One-off $500 incentive for jobseekers who stay in the same job for ≥ 3 months retention

One-off additional $1,000 incentive for jobseekers who stay in the same job for ≥ 6 months retention (for unemployed jobseekers who have been actively looking for jobs for at least 6 months; or for jobseekers who are Persons with Disabilities regardless of unemployment duration)

Note: Eligible jobseekers will not receive CPF contributions as there is no formal employer-employee relationship between the host company and the jobseekers during the Career Trial. Jobseekers under the Career Trial will be covered by insurance provided by WSG / NTUC’s e2i. 

Browse Career Trial positions at and log in with Singpass to apply.

If the host company shortlists you for the Career Trial, an email invitation would be sent to you with a URL to complete your Career Trial application via the Career Trial Portal.  Jobseekers can commence Career Trial after the host company and the jobseekers have received written approval via email from WSG/NTUC’s e2i.

You need to be a:

  • Singaporean1 who has been actively seeking employment on a permanent basis prior to commencing Career Trial;
  • Unemployed2 before commencing and during the period of Career Trial; and
  • At least 16 years old, have completed full-time studies and National Service (if applicable)

1 Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

2 Not under any form of employment (also includes self-employment, part-time, ad-hoc, casual/temporary work) and have not received any CPF contribution.